Monday, January 28, 2013

Marathons in 2013? Sort of...

2012 was all about me running and what was involved with that. i.e planning fundraisers, traveling, training, ebay auctions, marathon running, recovery, etc. This year I want to get back to my creative roots i.e. again, writing, drawing, improv, painting. 

But I still want to see if I can raise money for Choroideremia Research that doesnt involve me killing myself (not literally) with marathons. So this year I am doing marathons but not running marathons. TV show marathons! Thats right! Once a month I will choose a TV show that I havent watched that has at least 12 hours of content. I will watch 12 straight hours of that show. My girlfriend doesnt think anyone will donate to this. I would like to prove her wrong. 

Shows Im thinking about: JUSTIFIED, DOWNTON ABBEY, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, the WIRE, HOMELAND and Im open to suggestions. Ill do one marathon a month. My first being this Wednesday January 30th 8am - 8pm. I'll start with Justified. Maybe ill TWEET during it at @ejscott. 

For now you can still donate on my website on the PAYPAL buttons. Also please check out the auctions at my ebay page and tell your friends about the auctions. Thanks!!!

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